Project Management System

Effective management systems is need of every activity to ensure completion of projects safely on time and within the budget. A professional approach relying on IT based systems in which the company’s cumulative knowledge-base is vested, ensures the well-being of the project from estimation stage up to completion on ground. SKC has invested significantly in developing a system in the form of computer based data-base in line with the standard procedures for planning, scheduling, documentation, QA/QC record keeping & other project controlling tools, forming an integrated project management system. Our project managers are seasoned professionals who recognize the challenges and dynamics associated with complex projects and have proven capabilities in executing fast- track projects.

– Transformation of management processes to achieve flexibility and responsiveness by effective deployment of IT solutions.

– To have a conducive environment to fully utilize IT power

– To develop ability / capacity building in order to anticipate and react to the changing business needs and to remain on schedule within the budgeted costs,

– To facilitate end-point decision-making as well as effective monitoring at required levels,

– To ensure that plans are revised instantaneously and actions are taken on time,

– To assimilate the company’s business knowledge so that a common worker should be able to perform as an expert,

– Data validation and control functions are performed within the System while information is processed.

– Decision-making process of a human expert is emulated.

Work Planning & Programming

SKC ensures record of daily work sheet detailing what comes on site, the progress for the day, the weather encountered and any problems that had to be overcome during the day. This form gives a clear indication on the critical path program and is used to update the program which is produced on appropriate computer application.


A continual line of communication is maintained by SKC by all concerned. All correspondence in and out of the office is logged, numbered and filed with each respective contract file.

All contracts have separate files for inwards and outwards correspondence, quality assurance results, variations, progress claims, notices and contract administration. All submittals & official correspondence is carried out in accordance with recognized ISO9002 procedures.

Managing Suppliers And Subcontractors

SKC has established management processes to ensure that material purchased from suppliers and services from subcontractors meets the specific requirements. SKC is very conscious that work performed by subcontractors ultimately reflects on their performance. To ensure subcontractors are aware of their obligations SKC has established formal induction and communication processes. Additionally, each Subcontractor is bound under a subcontract agreement with similar conditions to the main contract.

Invoicing And Progress Claims

SKC has a comprehensive information technology platform necessary for today’s business environment. Typically, monthly progress claims are submitted on Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and the invoices are generated from our accounting application.

Comprehensive daily work sheets are filled out and recorded on a weekly basis. All progress claims are based on the calculations submitted on the daily work sheets.

Plant And Equipment Maintenance

SKC has documented maintenance programs to ensure all key equipment items and machinery are maintained in a best possible standard and they are in a safe working condition. A very important element that cannot be left out is the fact that the company has privately owned equipment, which it uses in the projects that it executes and which is properly maintained to ensure effective working at respective sites.