SKC Policies

Client Service Policy

  • At SKC Engineers & Contractors Pvt. Limited we strive to provide outstanding client service. Professional and knowledgeable staffs are empowered to serve all clients in a friendly manner with courtesy and respect.
  • With the current competitive environment in the Construction Sector of our economy, we can only stay ahead of competition only if we can delight our clients with quality service at all times.
  • SKC Engineers & Contractors Pvt. Limited aims at providing high quality and efficient service to its clients. This policy framework has been designed to provide a comprehensive benchmark against, which the current service delivery will be assessed and form buildings block for improving the delivery of service to clients.
  • The client-care policy will help SKC to continuously improve service by setting corporate standards for all staff while setting a baseline of standards, which can be used in the future. The service standards will help SKC to benchmark the efficiency of services provided to clients and help develop consistent levels of client service throughout the organization.

We pledge that:

  • We will treat clients with dignity, fairness, and respect, free from discrimination.
  • We will make every possible effort to provide responsive and affordable financial products and transformational services to clients.
  • We will make clear the manner in which our services work, our commitments, and the contractual obligations and responsibilities Should a problem arise, our goal is to resolve the matter through prompt and fair reconciliation with clients

We will do what we say we will do

  • We will listen to clients and take their views, wishes and needs seriously
  • We will make sure that our employees are trained to give clients the help and advice that clients need

Time Policy

Engineers and Contractors believe that time is of essence in any project we undertake. Our technical team spend substantial amount of time in planning the entire project prior to execution to determine the actual completion time at every stage keeping all contingencies in into consideration. The Execution team ensures that the project timeline is met without compromising with Quality and Safety. Our team on site  works in collaboration with the Planning Team based at Head Office. The execution team continuously prepare the Daily Progress Reports and share with the rest of Technical Team and Clients, whereby the achievements of the day and plan ahead is also revealed. The possible obstacle and bottlenecks are discussed with high priority, and optimum solutions are derived to rectify them. At SKC Engineers and Contractors Private Limited, Time Management is an integral part in the quest to maintain our market reputation and attain higher standards.

Ali ibn Abu Talib said: “The man who best understands time is he who is not taken aback by its proceedings.”


SKC ENGINEERS AND CONTRACTORS PVT. LTD conducts its business professionally, with integrity and in compliance with the laws of those jurisdictions in which it operates. Our reputation for acting fairly is built on our values as a company and the values of our employees. As part of our commitment to ethical business practices, we will not tolerate acts of bribery or corruption.

Most countries have laws that prohibit bribery and corruption. SKC’s Anti-Bribery Policy, Anti Malpractice Policy and Code of Labor Standards are not intended to supersede such local laws and regulations. They are intended to ensure that SKC personnel, and those acting on our behalf, behave in a manner that is consistent with anti-bribery and corruption laws in all countries in which SKC does business.

The Policies apply to all SKC employees (whether permanent or temporary), contractors, officers and directors of SKC, its subsidiaries and joint venture companies under SKC’s control. Third parties acting on behalf of or in the name of SKC, including agents, representatives and other intermediaries, are required to act consistently with SKC’s Anti-Bribery Policy. Joint venture companies not under SKC’s control, and our joint venture partners, are encouraged to adopt a similar policy and procedures to prevent bribery.

SKC operates a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption in relation to bribes (payment,offer or promise to pay or provide anything of value), gifts and hospitality, facilitation payments (small payments or fees to speed up or facilitate the performance of routine action to which an entitlement already exists) and payments to government officials.

Third parties engaged to represent SKC’s interests must comply with the principles set out in the Anti-Bribery Policy.
It is SKC’s policy not to make any political donations. We support contributing to the communities in which we do business. Many fundraising and sponsorship activities are undertaken at a local level.

The Anti-Malpractice Policy encourages employees and others working for the Company to assist in tackling any fraud, corruption and other malpractice within the organization and in setting standards of ethical conduct.

The Code of Labor Standards guides our business relationships and provides a baseline for our ongoing review of ethical work standards

Applying the Code directly with our employees and in businesses in which SKC has a controlling interest and / or has contractually mandated control over standards of operation

Seeking, in businesses in which SKC does not have control, to influence significant business partners and suppliers to adopt similar principles

Make third parties such as contractors, agents or consultants, aware of our Code of Labor Standards and include compliance as a consideration in our decision to award contracts

Including, but not limited to, local employment requirements, ethical practices, safe working environments, freedom from discrimination, freedom from harassment, freedom of expression and association, forced labor, child labor and human trafficking, the Code reflects SKC’s commitment to conduct its business professionally, with integrity and in compliance with the laws of those jurisdictions in which it operates.